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A BIG Announcement for You 😁

This is big. This is what I was talking about in yesterday's issue. I have an announcement before we
A BIG Announcement for You 😁
This is big. This is what I was talking about in yesterday’s issue.
I have an announcement before we get to your regular Mental Health Update content…
I’m announcing something that some of you have been asking for–more content, more ways to connect, and more ways to support the work that I do with The Mental Health Update.
Whether you found me on Twitter, where I’ve been tweeting uplifting mental health information every day for years, or somewhere else on the Internet, you hopefully know how many hours I put into providing accessible, meaningful mental health content each week. I love it, and I believe it’s my calling to share what I’ve learned with others.
Before I go any further, know this: The daily issues of The Mental Health Update will always be free. Forever. Well, as long as I can keep this going. But I’m planning on forever.
But now there is a new way for you to get even more from me and from The Mental Health Update.
For only $10 a month, you can become a founding member of The Mental Health Update!

This is what you’ll get as a founding member of The Mental Health Update:

Access to our private Slack community - This allows you to meet other members, discuss the daily issues, and connect with ME, the guy behind The Mental Health Update.
Discounts on future products - This includes books, e-books, and courses
Extra issues of The Mental Health Update - Featuring even more written content (and video content!)
Sound good?
Need time to decide?
Read through today’s issue. There will be another link at the bottom of the email.
Now it’s time to discuss something I’ve thought about a lot over the years.

Mental Health is Always There
Frequently, when people talk about mental health, they talk about it like it’s a temporary problem, like it’s something to get over and be done with.
But that’s not how I see it. I think about it differently.
For me, mental health is always there. Let me explain.
If I take the time to call a friend, I prepare for the call in a certain mental state. I may have just had a great conversation with someone else, and I head into the phone call in a delightful head space.
But on the other end of the line, for my friend who is receiving my call, she may have just had a big fight with her partner. I don’t know. But I’ll find out when the call connects and we start talking.
If she did have a big fight with her partner, the emotions and energy that she brings to the call will impact me. It’s inevitable, whether I attempt to ward off her feelings or not. They will impact me in some way, and they will alter my mental health.
As a result, my posture might subtly change. I might tense up and shift in my seat. Certain thoughts will run through my mind, and those thoughts will trigger other thoughts of situations I had no intention of thinking about just moments prior.
This is the social aspect of mental health. What others share with me affects me. The same applies in your case.
Because mental health is not simply a bird passing overhead moving in and out of view. If we practice meditation, we can experience thoughts this way, but mental health–the gritty, ever-present reality that it is–never fully leaves us. It’s a program running in the background, and it’s our present experience running in the foreground.
And that’s why it’s so important to talk about it every day.
But Why Can't I Ignore It?
This is what happens if you try to ignore your mental health.
It would be like trying to ignore your body. Can you do that?
You can try, but it actually tends to make things worse. The more you try to ignore any physical pain you’re in, the more the pain intensifies. It’s this weird thing that your body and brain do to you.
For instance, I can say to you, “Don’t think about your body!”
But, suddenly, you’re thinking about your body.
The same goes for anything. Just replace “body” with any other word–and you’re stuck thinking about something you never thought would enter your mind mere minutes ago.
This is why we can’t ignore our feelings.
When we bring them to awareness, we accept them. And when we accept them, they don’t rule our lives. Of course, this is easier said than done. Learning to manage mental health is a lifelong process.
But the one thing you cannot do is fully ignore it. It’s everywhere.
Mental health is in your relationships. It’s in your smile. It’s in the way you feel when you first get out of bed. Mental health is hard to describe, but you know it when you don’t have it.
And that’s why I do whatever I can to try to put words to the experience, to try to make the inaccessible more accessible.
Mental health is not just doom and gloom, although the media and Internet searches might make you feel that way. It’s something that, if harnessed correctly, can lead to great power and poise. I know this from experience, and it’s why I love sharing what I’ve learned.
Because without mental health, we are nothing.
But with it? We can be something bigger and better than what our puny, little brains make us out to be.
We can use our emotions and thoughts, our hopes and dreams, and our experiences and relationships for good. And we can connect with our unadorned stories and raw authenticity.
When you learn to appreciate your mental health, you teach others that mental health is not a source of shame–it’s a way of being.
It’s a fundamental piece of the puzzle that is our lives.
Thank you for reading. This is an exciting time for The Mental Health Update. It’s time to see if this experiment can grow to help and empower even more people. Whether you’ve been here one day or since the very beginning, thank you for your support.
With much love for you and the path you’re on,


P.S. Do you have questions about anything I wrote in this issue? About the new membership option? Please reply to this email. I’m here to help, whatever it is.

And if you’re ready to become a member, you can sign up in one minute here!
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