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Embrace the way you think, whatever it is

You might believe the way you think is strange. That no one thinks like you. If that's the case, that
Embrace the way you think, whatever it is
You might believe the way you think is strange.
That no one thinks like you.
If that’s the case, that might actually be a good thing.
The world wants you to believe that you need to think like everyone else–that you need to be normal. Whatever that means.
But if you embrace your unique way of thinking, you’ll create unique value. And you’ll feel happier in the process.

How I Think
Here’s how I think. I’m a very verbal thinker. I think in words and ideas, in concepts, in floating figments of verbs, nouns, and adjectives.
I am NOT a visual thinker. I just can’t do it. I can’t imagine faces. I even struggle to create an image of my wife’s face or my parents’ faces in my mind. This is just the reality for some people.
I used to grow frustrated that I couldn’t visualize like other people. But then I realized that rapid word association has its benefits. Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t do, I decided to take advantage of what I could. This newsletter is but one product of my strange, floaty mind thoughts.
How You Think
How do you think? It’s probably not exactly how I think. It could be. But it’s probably not.
And that’s totally fine. You don’t need to be like me to be happy and healthy. There are natural ways that you think that provide you with huge advantages–advantages you probably never even realized you had before.
How can you take advantage of your…advantages? This is how.
First, realize what they are. The way you think is magically you, but if you don’t take note of what it is, you cant’ take advantage of it. You need to dedicate some time to slowing down and documenting how you think.
It doesn’t need to take hours. That would get pretty boring. It could be a few minutes at the end of the day. Consider the thoughts you had during the day. Consider the thoughts you’re having at that very moment. What is the nature of them? How do they blend together? Focus on the process of your thoughts as much as the content. Sure, what you think about is important, but how you think about it is just as valuable.
Content is the stuff of your thoughts. Process is the structure of your thoughts. One flows into the other. They go hand in hand.
Once you have a solid understanding of your thought process, list out the ways you could use this thought process to your advantage. What is your special sauce? How could this superpower separate you from the pack? How has has your thinking helped you in the past? How has it hurt you?
Focus on the good, and discard the rest.
What’s completely obvious to you is foreign to others. Think about that. You have teachable skills you didn’t know you had. You’re the only one in your mind–and you could teach that!
You could demonstrate the great value of being you. You could.
I hope you put this to use for yourself,

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