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Practice This Deceptively Simple Skill Today, And You'll be Happier and More Fulfilled

There's a skill that is unbelievably underrated. But it's a skill that will boost your confidence and
Practice This Deceptively Simple Skill Today, And You'll be Happier and More Fulfilled
There’s a skill that is unbelievably underrated.
But it’s a skill that will boost your confidence and success in life.
It’s an ability that few people seem to cultivate.
But the ones that do?
They become more peaceful in their personal and work lives.
Read on to learn what I’m talking about–and how you can apply this skill in your own life.

I Was an Anxious Child
The verdict has been in for a while. I had a lot of anxiety as a child.
My parents knew it, but didn’t always know what to do about it.
But there it was. If my friends were getting together to hang out, I would worry about what I was going to say or do. It would always be fine, of course, but that didn’t stop me from worrying about what I said or did after the fact as well!
If I had to turn in an assignment at school, I maniacally worried that every detail was perfect, that every “i” was dotted and that every lowercase “j” was curved perfectly. And also dotted.
You get the idea. I was a worrier. Still am. But I learned something really important through all my worrying. There is one particular skill that has made a tremendous difference in my anxiety levels.
Breaking Away from Anxious Rumination
The skill is this: learning to see things for how they truly are.
I don’t think I learned how to do this–or even knew about this skill–until I started reading about Buddhism and the great power of living in the moment. I thought everyone had hundreds of thoughts streaming through their heads throughout the day.
Reading about Buddhism, and the mindfulness practices taught by Buddhist monks, opened my eyes. It started me down a different path, albeit a meandering one, that showed me how to see the world in a new light.
It taught me how to see the world as it actually is, not how I want it to be. There is a word for this in ancient Sanskrit: Prajna.
Prajna cuts to the heart of life. It’s about seeing the world as it actually is.
Developing Prajna in Your Life (My Thoughts)
First, don’t get so caught up in the details of your life
Try your best not to obsess over what could or couldn’t happen.
Instead, develop your ability to just notice what is going on. You most likely know where your current relationships with your closest friends and family stand. Where the anxiety comes from is wanting them to be different than how they actually are.
Focus on acceptance.
Write down what you know about how your relationships actually are. Get those needling thoughts out of your brain and onto something separate from your identity.
The problem is this: once we start to let our thoughts take hold of us, they start to become how we identify ourselves. Getting space from anxious thoughts helps us to see if the thoughts are accurate, if they truly define our current situation.
When you pry yourself from anxious details, you get much-needed clarity.
Second, try a day without judgment
What if, with every single thing that happens to you in a day, you simply accepted it without forming an opinion?
What do I mean by that?
I’ve realized that I don’t need to have an opinion about every little thing. I don’t need to pass judgment on what others do or don’t do. I can just let it be.
We’re taught in school–well, Americans at least–that we provide value to the world through what we know. Soon we learn to blabber on and on about everything. The ones who blabber the most are perceived as the most knowledgeable.
But I’m going to let you in on a secret.
No one really cares, and it becomes annoying when the blabberers of the world post everything they know across all social media channels and never stop to assess and take in new knowledge from others.
So, instead of having an opinion about everything, try a day of active passivity. Become a consumer of wisdom by simply observing your life.
That’s how you’ll begin to learn to see things as they actually are.
And, through it all, you might find that you quite like living your life in that way. You may, in fact, start to feel the anxiety melt away.
Prajna doesn’t have to be a scary concept; it can be something that you learn through daily action–and inaction
Because when you learn to see things as they really are, you make better decisions.
And isn’t that what life is all about? Making decisions that are right for you?
It’s possible. But like anything else, it’s a skill that requires practice and lots and lots of self-love.
Have you already tried this in your life? If you have or you haven’t, I’d love to know what you think!
Thanks for reading. I hope this helped. If it did, please share The Mental Health Update with others. This community has grown so quickly here and on Facebook because of your love and support.
Have a good end of your weekend,
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