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The Huge Benefits of My Simple Daily Plan

Reading Time: 1 minute, 59 seconds I plan my day. I put together a daily plan. I have a journal that
The Huge Benefits of My Simple Daily Plan
By Jordan Brown • Issue #170 • View online
Reading Time: 1 minute, 59 seconds
I plan my day. I put together a daily plan.
I have a journal that I use for this. It’s specifically designed to help me map out my day.
But a single piece of paper will do just fine.
Doing this one simple thing works wonders for my mental health.
It shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes if you do it right.

Creating a Daily Plan That Works
Before I start work, I write down my daily plan.
What does this consist of?
I’m glad you asked.
  1. I write down my top 3-4 tasks for the day. I list them out. It takes a few seconds.
  2. Then I schedule them into my day. I create time blocks of when I plan to complete these tasks. The journal I use has lines with hours of the day next to them. I draw boxes connecting the lines to map out when I will complete each task.
  3. I adjust the boxes as needed.
Now, this is a simple breakdown of what I do, but it’s pretty darn close to the truth.
Creating this daily plan–and doing it consistently–has changed my life for the better.
This is not my hand.
This is not my hand.
The Mental Health Benefits of a Daily Plan
Why do I do this, thought?
Another great question!
I do this because it works for me. When I have a daily plan, I’m less anxious. You might think that creating a daily plan like this is an extension of anxiety, but that is only partly true.
Creating a daily plan like this allows me to move through my day with intention. I know where my time is going. I know what I need to do. It helps me stay on top of the important things.
One of the best mentors I’ve ever had told me,
“Don’t write a to-do list. Think of your exit list. Write down the things you absolutely have to do before you can exit the workday, before your day is done.”
It’s great advice.
A daily plan sets you up for success because it allows you to exit the stress of your tasks once they’re done. There’s a starting point, there’s a road map, and there’s a clear end time.
And the more you do this, the more you learn about how long it takes you to complete certain tasks.
Life is just one long information-gathering exercise, after all.
Create a plan, and you’ll collect that valuable information with intention.
You’ll know exactly where you’re heading–and how you’re going to get there.

Want more practical content like this? Let me know! I hope you have a great day.

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