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This is Absolutely Relevant to Your Life

Yesterday's issue about coronavirus response anxiety was such a big hit that it really got me thinkin
This is Absolutely Relevant to Your Life
Yesterday’s issue about coronavirus response anxiety was such a big hit that it really got me thinking.
People need relevant, helpful information.
My mission here at The Mental Health Update is to make mental health information meaningful and accessible.
But I realize it also needs to be relevant to your life.
The mental health wisdom needs to apply to what you’re currently going through–or likely to go through soon.
Finding relevant information is the focus of today’s issue.

When you’re deciding where to get your information on a daily basis, you go through a process.
You FIRST have to decide: is this person/organization/business trustworthy?
And how do you do that?
You have to back up further. You have to look at their past actions. You have to decide if they operate with integrity.
And integrity? That can be a trick thing to decipher. But, really, it’s quite simple. Do their past comments line up with their actions? Did they do what they said they were going to do? Did their information have validity? Did it match what actually happens in the world? Or was it full of fluff and smoke?
When you find good info, you just know it.
When you find good info, you just know it.
After you’ve determined who you’d like to follow, you next need to decide if the provided information is relevant to your particular situations. It seems obvious, but theory and practice often don’t align very well.
Mental health advice / wisdom is worthless if it does not apply to your situation. If there is no way you can see how the information is relevant to you, it’s not worth consuming. This same reasoning applies to every other kind of information you take in. If the information is abstract and esoteric, it’s best to leave it be. You have better things to do with your time than to spend it consuming irrelevant information.
But how do you know if information is relevant or not?
If you’re stuck with this step, remember this simple rule: You know your life best. You know the types of situations that most frequently pop up, and that means you know what kind of information you need to make your life better.
Don’t let savvy marketers and political spin artists hijack your brain for their own purposes. Cultivate your intuition, and follow it where it leads you. Trust yourself.
Remember that formula. It will come in handy more often than you think.
Trust comes from matching what people say with what they do.
Relevance comes from your own life experiences.
Combine the two and you have a winning formula that leads to personal growth. Which is what you should be after.
If you’re not growing, what are you doing?
Chooses your sources of information wisely.

Thanks for being here. If I help you, please let me know!
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