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We Need to Talk About Ego

Ego. E. Go. Eeeee. Go. It's a strange word. Say it enough times and you can become transfixed by it's
We Need to Talk About Ego
By Jordan Brown • Issue #81 • View online
Ego. E. Go. Eeeee. Go.
It’s a strange word.
Say it enough times and you can become transfixed by it’s strangeness.
But it’s also a word that comes up all the time.
So it’s a word that is important to talk about.
Ego normally has a negative meaning, but is it always bad?
Let’s learn together.

Is "Ego" All Bad?
Can’t live with it. Cant’ live without it. Ego comes up all the time because it’s important. But too much of it can be a bad thing.
Let’s try to break it down.
What is your ego? Is it your identity? Is it who you are?
Or is it something else, a strange mask that you wear to get through the day in one piece?
I think it’s all of those things. And more.
You probably have heard ego talked about in this way:
“Wow, he has a big ego.” Or, “Her ego could fill an entire room.”
This indicates that ego is a bad thing, that it’s something that takes up too much space. And, often, this is true. Ego is something artificial that people create to protect themselves. It’s something they can attach their vulnerabilities to in a hopeless attempt to remove them forever.
But you know what’s interesting? The extreme actions that people take to try to control their environments are typically indications of the exact opposite. The arrogant people who are all about themselves usually feel very small and weak. The people who take up the most space often feel the most alone in their inner worlds.
It’s fascinating, really.
Describing Ego Without Describing It
At this point, you may still be puzzled. But what are you talking about exactly, Jordan?
The best way to understand something, in my opinion, is to dance around it, spinning and spinning, seeing all sides of it, until POOF, you suddenly just get the big picture.
Ego is like this. Yes, it’s a shield, but it can also be used for good. There’s something called Ego Strength, and this can be a good thing.
It can help you take action when you usually hang back, unsure if you should speak up and talk over others. But sometimes that’s necessary. You may be a naturally timid person, but there are times when it is crucial to voice your opinion.
And ego strength can help you do that.
There are many ways of getting at the same thing.
The Many Sides of Ego
Ego is complex. Many people much smarter than I have written several books on it. But that’s not what this newsletter is about.
The Mental Health Update is about distilling topics to their core components.
And ego, well, it can make you hate a person. But it can also make you admire them. Ego can be good, and it can be bad.
And underneath it all, there is something else entirely. Ego is the emotions and thoughts that create stories about who you think you are.
There’s also something underneath it all. There is the you that is there before all the stories came around. There is the childlike you, the you that acted naturally without thinking about what to do for minutes and hours beforehand.
That’s the natural YOU that is underneath ego.
Because remember, the stories we create are important; they help us make sense of the world.
But there is an inherent strength beneath the stories.
And it’s something that you’ve always had.
And always will.
Thank you for reading. I left this one intentionally vague so you could fill in the pieces for yourself. Does that make sense? If you liked this style, let me know!

Ego have a great day,
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