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When the World Changes, You Must Do This

Read Time: 2 minutes, 34 seconds The coronavirus pandemic is one of those rare events that changes t
When the World Changes, You Must Do This
Read Time: 2 minutes, 34 seconds
The coronavirus pandemic is one of those rare events that changes the world.
And in this modern era, we have the strange benefit of seeing how the world is reacting to the events as they unfold.
As would be expected, the outbreak has led to a breaking out of varied emotions–some that are good, some that are bad, and many that, honestly, will take some time to wrap our minds around.
But there’s something we absolutely must do when our views of the world shatter and fall to the ground.

Life Through a New Lens
First, we must pick up the pieces. Shattered glass is still glass.
It may not change our perception of reality, but reality is still there–and we must do what we can to peer through the splintered pieces.
Living a mentally healthy life does not mean that we put in a burst of effort to improve our minds–and then we are done. No, living a mentally healthy life is a process that never ends. It’s a chipping away at a sculpture that is always being made. And sometimes, just when we think we are done with, our sculpture topples over, and we are left with something completely different from what we started with.
This is neither good nor bad. It is what it is. But something is certain. When our world changes in big, unfathomable ways, we must change along with it. To live as life is the same as it always was is to pretend like nothing has happened. But it has. And ignoring the obvious has devastating consequences.
When the World Changes
This isn’t just about coronavirus.
We could be talking about any major event in your life. Now’s a good opportunity to discuss major changes, though, because of the global scale of the coronavirus pandemic. We’re all going through this together.
How often can you say that something like that happens?
When you, personally, live through a momentous event in your life, the world is not going through the same thing. Few people will contact you to talk about your problem and strive to truly understand it. And when that’s the case, it’s easy to assume that the world just doesn’t understand, that you are deserving of your new stance, that no one can ever pull you from the trench you dug for yourself.
But when the whole world is impacted by calamity at the same time? What happens then? Can you commiserate with others and pretend that nothing has happened?
You could. But it wouldn’t get you far. Because the map is a new one. The territory isn’t so familiar. And that’s because it’s not. You must find new ways to traverse new landforms. You must pick up unfamiliar pieces of glass to see where you’re going. You must grieve the statue you thought you knew–and move on with a new one.
“Nothing endures but change,” Heraclitus once said.
And he was right.
It can be a scary statement, or it can be a freeing one. When the world changes, you must automatically change, whether you like it or not.
Because you are part of the world.
You have an important role to play in it.

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