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You Don't Need a Master Plan. You Need This.

It's so tempting to think that, in order to accomplish something great, you need a perfect master pla
You Don't Need a Master Plan. You Need This.
It’s so tempting to think that, in order to accomplish something great, you need a perfect master plan.
You don’t. You need something else. Something a bit more basic.
You need to focus on the fundamentals.
The fundamentals will get you through.
Yes, the fundamentals are boring.
Yes, they don’t lead to immediate victories.
But the fundamentals are how you’ve accomplished anything substantial in your life. Think about it.
Let’s turn to them now.

What is a Fundamental?
A fundamental is anything that is central to doing what you need to do. It’s the foundation on which you stand for any particular activity.
For basketball, it’s having the correct form when making a lay-up or shooting a jump shot. For cooking, it’s breaking an egg and using said egg in a way that brings the whole dish together.
Fundamentals are building blocks. One or two building blocks doesn’t amount to much. But all mansions start with them. Entire cities are composed of them. Building blocks are what you need do whatever it is you’re trying to do.
That's going to fall, kid.
That's going to fall, kid.
Fundamentals for Good Mental Health
We live in a time of quick fixes. We think we can have it all–and have it all right now. We apply this same logic to mental health. If we don’t feel better immediately, we assume we’ll never feel better ever. How funny is that logic?
If this is how you are thinking, it’s time to return to the fundamentals. For mental health, that means a few things.
It means getting enough sleep. Sleep is central to everything that you are. Without it, you can’t function to the best of your ability. Getting too little sleep means you’re not washing the junk of the day out of your brain. Have you experienced that? You get too little sleep, and the next day you have trouble focusing. The days start to muddle together. You can’t quite remember what happened when.
It’s due to lack of sleep.
Another fundamental is moving around enough. It seems silly to consider this, but the most obvious activities are the ones that get neglected. When you’re not moving, you’re telling your brain that you’re stuck in place. You’re making it known that no progress is happening. Movement frees up new thoughts, and new thoughts spur creativity. Plus, movement can help you change your emotional state. How often have you been in a terrible mood only to find that the mood changed when you moved around and experienced a new location?
Movement is a powerful force.
This is what happens when you return to the fundamentals.
Getting enough sleep and moving around enough are common sense, but common sense isn’t always followed.
In our high-tech world, we’re led to believe that fast cures are the only way to go. But you can’t get something for nothing. Taking a fast-acting pill will have side effects. Paying for a fancy solution will leave you broke.
The fundamentals are the best way to ensure you’re successful and happy over the long term.
Practice them every day. Rely on them when all else fails. They’ll always be there when you need them.

I hope you enjoyed this short little ditty. The fundamentals are what I always return to when life starts to get tough.

Be well!
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