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You Need to Remember This If You Work With Other People

Do you work with other people? In any capacity whatsoever? The vast majority of us do. It could be at
You Need to Remember This If You Work With Other People
By Jordan Brown • Issue #83 • View online
Do you work with other people?
In any capacity whatsoever?
The vast majority of us do.
It could be at work.
It could be at a place of worship.
It could be within your own family.
Whatever it is, there something very important that you need to remember when you work with other people.
It’s something I need to remind myself of all of the time.

A Plan With Good Intentions
Let’s go over a common thought process.
You want to get something done at work–or wherever you are. The problem is, it involves other people. You’ve thought through everything. You know what you need to accomplish, and you’ve considered multiple scenarios. In your head, it all makes perfect sense. Even an alien from other space–an objective observer–would give you an A+ for effort and say that everything looks great.
But then something happens. You go to implement your wonderful process that involves other people. And you hit a roadblock.
A big emotional roadblock.
Here Comes the Roadblock
People have emotions. And the change you are trying to implement isn’t jiving with everyone’s feelings.
It may not even be rational. But if everything were rational, we would all be perfect, happy robots and everyone would always get along. But this is not how the world works.
Instead, what happens is that you try to make a change that involves other people, and because people typically don’t like change, emotions bubble up to the surface and erupt in your surprised face.
So what do you do?
The Obstacle is the Way
You remember that emotions are always part of the work. This includes your emotions, and it includes other people’s emotions as well.
Rather than simply relying on your perfectly rational plan, you have to factor other people’s emotions into the work. When you do this beforehand, you’re not surprised when human beings react strongly to a change in their precious environment. Wouldn’t you react the same way if someone approached you and said they wanted to change how you go about doing things? You would.
That’s why this reminder is so important. The emotions are part of the work. A major part of it. Fail to consider them, and your plan has little chance of being fully implemented.
So don’t get discouraged if there are emotional reactions to your proposed changes. It’s natural. We’re all human.
What you need to do is deal with emotions as they appear. Listen for the feelings behind other people’s words.
If you do this, you’ll increase your odds of getting what you want.
And you’ll become better liked by others in the process.
This is really tricky. Like almost everything I share, this is something that takes practice.
I hope your weekend is full of good cheer,
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