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You're NOT Broken

Reading Time: Only 2 minutes, 6 seconds There's a myth that I've fallen victim to in the past. That I
You're NOT Broken
By Jordan Brown • Issue #164 • View online
Reading Time: Only 2 minutes, 6 seconds
There’s a myth that I’ve fallen victim to in the past.
That I’m broken.
That I won’t be able to overcome my current crisis.
Maybe you’ve felt the same way at times.
Here’s the thing. I realized I wasn’t broken. I just wasn’t looking at my life in the right way.
I was narrowed in on the moment and couldn’t yet see the totality of what I was dealing with.
I’m here to help you see the same thing.

Feeling Broken
How often have you been in the middle of a situation that feels impossible? A situation that leaves you feeling broken, misunderstood, and just plain lost?
I’ve been there.
Years ago, when bad things happened, I turned the blame on myself. I believed that the bad things were my fault. Ruined relationship? My fault. Project failure? My fault. Game lost? My fault.
You get the point.
What I’m getting at is that I used to pin the blame on myself when things got hard.
Not only was this not helpful, it didn’t paint an accurate picture of the world.
When I Stopped Feeling Broken
The shift happened after my heart surgery at the age of 24. This was something that I never fathomed could happen to me, let alone happen at such an early age.
But life happens even when we have other thoughts about how it’s supposed to work.
After my open-heart surgery, I realized that I could live a healthy life and still have something catastrophic happen. I could do everything right and still head down the “wrong” road.
Little did I know, this was the start of a completely new mindset. My heart surgery was the start of a mental transformation.
I began to realize that I’m not broken no matter what happens. I’m a person capable of reframing my experience. I can overcome more than I ever thought possible. I can control my response in even the most difficult situations.
And now I’m here to write that you’re not broken either.
It’s a word you need to try to remove from your vocabulary.
Being broken is synonymous with relinquishing the great power that you have. When you say that you’re broken, you’re giving up your ability to make decisions for yourself, when the reality is that you have no clue how your life will turn out in its totality.
If you stop now, if you say that you’re broken, you don’t get to experience the totality of life.
Broken is a narrow mindset. You’re complete and always have been. When you look at the world that way, you experience an opening-up effect.
You realize just how far from broken you actually are.

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