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But WHAT IF this is the best time of your life?

Read Time: 2 minutes, 24 seconds When bad times arrive, people panic. But is it necessary? I have a q
But WHAT IF this is the best time of your life?
Read Time: 2 minutes, 24 seconds
When bad times arrive, people panic. But is it necessary?
I have a question for you.
How can we truly know that a bad time has arrived?
In the moment, we can’t.
We need to have more perspective to make that assessment.
Yet, we do it all the time. We think doom and gloom is here to stay.
It’s time for a more holistic approach to the fearful, supposedly bad, times in our lives.

The Moment is Not Indicative of the Whole
I’m going to challenge you a little bit. I hope you don’t mind.
Can you ever get to a moment in your life and immediately know that it’s a bad moment?
I’m not writing this to dismiss your feelings. What I’m asking you to do is wait a bit. All of the worst moments in your life have their contexts. When you look back at them a week, a month, or a year later…do they all seem as bad? Or does time change them?
So much of the pain of “bad” times comes from how we react to them. One could argue that all of the pain from what happens to us comes from how we respond to it.
A devastating event always feels awful when we’re in the middle of it. But, as soon as we’re out of it, it starts to change. It morphs into something new. Memories are not photographs. They are living documents that blend into our new experiences, constantly evolving and changing as we accumulate more and more experiences.
Look back and see something new.
Look back and see something new.
Taking a Holistic Approach
We’re in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. It feels like the end of the world.
But does everyone feel that way? Does everyone get the same sources of information? Is anything as solid as we think it is?
Again, I’m not trying to be dismissive. I’m encouraging you to take a holistic approach to your life and the feelings and thoughts that give it shape.
You’ve been through horrible events before, I’m sure of it. And, somehow, you made it to the other side. Everything is grist for the mill. Everything can be used. If you can adopt this mindset, you can withstand anything.
Pain resides in the mind. And if that’s true, then love and hope and compassion and resilience also reside there.
The worst and best parts of your life are all nestled in there together.
No one can know the true meaning of something until there is complete context. And this requires time.
Give yourself time. Be patient with yourself. Let bad events and tumbling thoughts shake themselves out.
Then, step back and take another look at them.

This is a strange time. If you need support, reach out. Reply to this email. Use the Crisis Text Line. Join The Mental Health Update community and talk with people like you who get it. Do what you need to do to stay well. You can do it, I know you can.

Take care,
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