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How to Start Over in Life (3 Steps)

How to Start Over in Life (3 Steps)
You may think that starting over in life is impossible, but it doesn’t have to be.
Any day can be a chance to start over.
It simply requires a commitment to do so–and a framework to make it all happen.
Focus on the basics, and use this three-step approach to start over whenever you want.

You are capable of great things, my friend.
You are capable of great things, my friend.
1. Get your mindset straight
First things first.
Start wherever you are.
You may have a limiting belief that it’s not possible to start over. 
You may think that you’re stuck where you are, forever. 
This is not true.
Anything can be overcome with a little bit of planning and a lot of persistence.
There have been many times in my life where I thought I was stuck in a job, or that I’d never amount to anything, or that I couldn’t do what I was aiming to do.
But this was my anxiety talking, with a bit of obsessive thinking from my OCD sprinkled in.
All great change starts with a simple thought.
All monumental shifts begin with a basic desire.
What is it that you want to accomplish?
Why do you want to start over?
Ask yourself these questions, and write down your answers.
If you still think you can’t start over, why the heck not?
So many people have changed their lives when they thought it was impossible.
It all started with the answers to questions they didn’t think they were allowed to ask.
2. Decide to take action–and HOW
We’re humans, so when we think of starting over, we zoom ahead to the end result that is drastically different from where we are right now.
It’s almost impossible to not want to jump ahead to the magical, ideal scenario of your dreams.
But life doesn’t work that way. 
Great changes aren’t that glamorous.
To start over you need to…wait for it….start.
It really is that simple.
So fire off the questions.
What is your end goal?
What is your timeline?
What kind of plan do you have?
Even asking these actions could be considered starting over.
Most people never write down their goals, but when you write down your goals, you add them to the universe.
You make something out of nothing.
You literally create your destiny.
Now before you roll your eyes and gag in disgust, consider this:
Has this EVER not been true?
Any great roadblock, any seemingly insurmountable obstacle was eventually overcome with a simple start and a basic desire.
You may not remember the exact day that you started, but you surely started.
You’ve started many, many times in your life already.
And then you continued until, one day, your life was totally different.
3. Build out a simple action plan to start over in life
Here’s what I suggest.
It’s based on an approach I use over and over:
1. What is one thing you could do every day to move you closer to your goal of starting over, whatever that means for you?
2. When in the day will you do this one thing? Be as specific as you can. Specificity makes it more likely to happen.
3. If a doctor told you that you only had 6 months to live, what would you do so that you could start over as quickly as possible and accomplish what you always dreamed of doing? (I ask myself questions like this all the time to make sure my anxious thoughts don’t stop me from doing what I know I can do.)
You can change your entire life.
You’re the only one who can do it.
And it all begins with tackling what it means to “start over.”
What kind of relationship do you have with those words?
If they scare you, that’s good.
It just means it’s something you need to do to grow and get more out of life.
It means you’re on the right path.
Fear is not a bad thing.
Limiting beliefs are supposed to be temporary.
Start with your mindset and work your way up to a simple action plan.
Do something every day, and you’ll be amazed how incremental change leads to a massive shift.
When in doubt, back up to look forward.
Believing you can is the first step.
Get those words on paper.
Bring your future into existence right now by creating it out of nothing.
It’s the only way anyone has changed their life, and you can do it too.
I hope you will take this to heart. Most people don’t believe they are even allowed to consider the greatness they are capable of.
Be well, and reach out if you need anything,
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