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I need your help. Would you be disappointed if...

Hi there, I hope you're having a good weekend. Whether you've been with me for four months or four da
I need your help. Would you be disappointed if...
Hi there, I hope you’re having a good weekend.
Whether you’ve been with me for four months or four days, I need your help to make some decisions for The Mental Health Update.
I put hours each week into producing the best daily mental health content I can for my free subscribers and paying members. This is in addition to my full-time job. I love doing it, but it’s time to figure out the next steps to keep this going.
This newsletter now has 462 subscribers, so it has moved past a simple four-month experiment.
My Question For You:
Would you be disappointed if you could no longer receive The Mental Health Update? That’s part of what I want to know.
So…will you please take one minute to answer four questions? One of them is multiple choice, and the others require a short response. I hope you’ll answer honestly.
I publish The Mental Health Update to raise mental health awareness, but I also do this because I genuinely care and want to make your life better.
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Thank you for reading. Now let’s get on with the regular Mental Health Update!

Why Ask For Feedback in Your Life?
Feedback. What do you think of when you read that word? Does it produce anxiety and conjure up scary images? Or does it excite you?
There’s no wrong answer to that question.
But I’m here to say that there might be a wrong answer when it comes to determining the value of feedback itself. With mental health, this is especially true. Because…
Good Mental Health Requires Feedback
If you really think about it, you need feedback to maintain your mental health. And the components that make up your mental health are actually forms of feedback.
Consider this. Your emotions are signs that tell you how you are feeling. They can point out danger, but they can also help you choose the right partner in life. Emotions tied together can create a road map to get you where you want to go.
You also need feedback from a social perspective. To have healthy relationships, you need to know when something is or is not working for other people. You have to gauge other people’s body movements and facial expressions, their comments and their actions, to determine how they interpret what you say and do. The social aspect of mental health truly is one giant feedback loop.
You Must Ask for Feedback
How will you get better if you don’t ask for feedback? How will you correct your path if you get off track? How will you even know if you’re off track in the first place? To live a fulfilled life, you need feedback.
Now, as I alluded to above, not all feedback will come from other people. It can also come in the form of your emotions and your physical sensations. Almost anything in your life can serve as feedback to help you make better decisions. But even in this case, you need to be open to it. You first must become aware of what your body and immediate environment are telling you. Close yourself off from feedback, and you close yourself off from tremendous learning opportunities.
So push yourself to remain open to what the world is sharing with you. Check in with your friends and family. Ask specific questions about skills you want to improve at work. It’s all feedback. And it can make you a better person.
Because, in reality, it’s usually not asking for the feedback that is the hardest part; it’s having the courage to accept it and then use it to change who you are.

Thank you for reading and considering my messages,

P.S. I really, truly hope you will take one minute to help me out. Please answer this short survey as honestly as you can. I mean it.
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